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Foto: Equipo de Fundación del Centavo, noviembre de 2023

About us


Samuel Greene, a retired American businessman, settled on the shores of Lake Atitlán in 1962.


He makes friends with Cakchiquel farmers and identifies the need for microcredit. He begins this work on a personal level and teaches farmers to save pennies a day to pay the credit weekly. This methodology was successful and gave its name to the Centavo Foundation.

In 1963, seeing that the need exceeded his resource capacity, he contacted 44 businessmen, who provided seed capital to form the Institution.


Since then, the Centavo Foundation has had microcredit experiences for housing, land ownership and productive projects, mainly agricultural and artisanal.

Imágenes de Samuel Greene – Fundador de FUNDACEN


Promote the comprehensive development of people with quality, through microcredit and training, without distinction of ethnicity, sex or creed.


To be a self-sustaining, expanding institution and leader in rural development.


  • Discipline

  • Effort

  • Dignity

  • Integrity

  • Social conscience

  • Kindness

  • I respect

Partners or Networks to which FUNDACEN belongs


Partners or Networks to which FUNDACEN belongs


Board of Directors


Lic. Eduardo Olivero Pérez


Vice president

Ing. Juan Fernando Arrivillaga Oliva


Dr. Pedro Rendón Arana


Dr. Eduardo Aguilar Arrivillaga

Vowel I

Lic. Walter Francisco Hillerman

Vowel II

Lic. Oscar Humberto Girón

Vowel III

Ing. Guillermo Ant. De León Agreda

Director Friend

Eng. Roberto Bosch

Substitute principal

Lic. Horacio Leiv

Work Report 2023
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